US Smartphone penetration
Smartphones will soon be the majority of handsets

A milestone stat has emerged from the US via Nielsen’s May survey of mobile consumers.

While feature phones are still the majority of handsets with 62% of the market to Smartphones’ 38%, among those who have bought a handset in the last 3 months a majority, 55%, bought a Smartphone.

Of course that trend in only going to continue as Smartphones become the default handset in the developed world. And in turn this leads to new discovery of the app stores across all Smartphones and more app sales as a result.

So, how does this break down by operating system:

  • 38% Android
  • 27% Apple (iOS)
  • 21% RIM (Blackberry)
  • 9% Windows Mobile
  • 2% Symbian
So, between them Android and Apple now have 65% of the US Smartphone market, a balance Microsoft and Nokia are hoping to redress through their Windows Mobile and Nokia handsets partnership.