In my role I give a lot of presentations which involve demoing multiple sites in a browser.

To have all the URLs preloaded when I start the presentation, I’ve experimented with a number of tools:

  • 1. Firefox session manager (works fine, but fiddly to transfer between PCs)
  • 2. Firefox portable (fiddly and unreliable in our corporate network)
  • 3. Delicious’ open in tabs feature having tagged the respective URLs accordingly (fiddly adding the extra tags)
  • 4. On one particular day of IT failure simply opening a whole series of tabs and pasting the URLs in one by one. Ouch.
  • What I need is a painfully simple and reliable way of opening multiple tabs on any PC.

    Step forward URLOpener. You simply paste in a list of URLs, click submit and it will open them as new tabs. Done.

    Put any better ideas you may have in the comments section below.