Trial by Fire GTA3

In Trial by Fire, poor El Burro is in the wars again. The Triads have not only stolen his car, but torched it along with some of his most precious magazines. Poor chap.

He enlists you to exact some revenge on his behalf in this tricky and sometimes frustrating mission.

It’s not immediately obvious to everyone (OK, us first time around), but you need to go to the new green weapons icon that’s appeared on the screen to get hold of a fire launcher.

This mission can take a while to crack. Not only can you get caught in the fire yourself, but you’ll need to make sure you can find enough Triads in the time limit. The mission starts as soon as you pick up the fire launcher, so get ready to run and burn…

If you can, get hold of some armour to help with the mission and if you find a street with lots of Triads walk up and down and they will regenerate in sufficient numbers for you to complete the mission. Turn right at the exit where you got the fire launcher and there should be enough if you’re quick.

Unfortunately, you have to kill them with the fire launcher and can’t get into a vehicle and run them down. Completing the mission is a case of refining your technique, a little luck and keeping going.

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