There are two ways to explore Cayo Perico with no guards or cameras and one of those ways lets you do so with your weapons as well – watch the video above to see it in action.

The first option is very simple, but limited. When you visit Cayo Perico for the very first time (won’t work on subsequent visits) and you are supposed to drive El Rubio to the party, just ignore the destination for as long as you want and drive freely around the island. You can even leave El Rubio’s jeep and take your own transport. The guards won’t shoot at you, even if you crash into them.

However, you can’t yet take photos to send to Pawel and if you try to pass the first fence to the south you get re-spawned back at the airport strip, so it’s of limited value. And whatever you do don’t drive El Rubio into the sea as you’ll get sent back to Los Santos and will have to sit through all the cut scenes again to get back.

The second and much better way is a glitch which you trigger as follows:

  • Get caught by the guards four times
  • The next time open up your phone and select the Sightseer app at the moment you are caught by the guards triggering the security camera view
  • The game will say that you have failed the mission, but you won’t wake up back in Los Santos. Instead you will be where you were caught by the guards, but can explore the whole island
  • There are no cameras or guards to catch you. Better still you will still have your weapons and can’t pick up any wanted stars. The only exception is when you approach the party area as your weapons will be removed temporarily
  • Unfortunately, you can’t text Pawel with pictures of loot
  • It’s possible that this glitch will get patched, but for now it’s a great way to explore the island in peace and explore routes for the heist itself

If you’ve found another way, please let everyone know in the comments.