Yes, it is finally here, the Cayo Perico Heist! A new island to explore, a new heist to play, this time even in solo mode.

It’s early days, but if you’re interested in a quick look at the new island and some early tips on how to play, then the above video is what you need.

These are some of the things we’ve learned so far:

  • Yes, you do need to purchase the submarine and yes, it’s very expensive. Over $2 for the base model and over $9m for all the extras, including missile launching station, onboard helicopter and submarine. All very James Bond villain
  • Dr Dre’s cameo (seriously) in one of the cut scenes almost makes it worth the wait!
  • Try to avoid driving the German dealer into the sea when you first land or you’ll fail and have to restart the whole set of cut scenes. If this does happen, you need to go back to the sub, restart the mission from the touch screen and then wait out for the cut scenes
  • Don’t try and walk around the edge of the island to get in as there are high cliffs which prevent you from climbing up and it will take minutes and minutes of swimming, walking and stumbling
  • Instead use the freely available boats in the inlet on the east of the island, almost directly to the east of the party
  • The best way to avoid the guards is simply to avoid the roads. They are relatively static in terms of their movement and while you can drive the available cars, you’ll need to do so off road to avoid detection and being dumped back to the party in a cut scene that gets old very quick!
  • Be careful to avoid the view areas of the guards as it can take minutes to reach the other side of the island and all that can be wasted if you get caught. Worse still, you can’t take out the guards
  • Don’t just do the minimum in terms of photographing points of interest on the island for Pawel, your faithful submarine commander. Instead, spend time exploring and photographing anything that looks like it might be of interest and Pawel will tell you whether or not it’s useful. It’s also a good way to explore the island…

These are only day one impressions and there will be much more to discover, as well as the next part of the mission, so keep watching the Follow That YouTube channel and revisiting the site.

Please add your own tips in the comments…