The Titan (C-130) is the hardest vehicle to take from Fort Zancudo and without cheats represents one of the best challenges in GTA 5.

How how can you do it? Watch the video above to see it in action.

Approaching the Titan

Speed and stealth are required to even get inside the Titan, let alone taking off. The best methods are to parachute into Fort Zancudo, jump over the tunnel north of Fort Zancudo onto the runway or to drive around the walled road next to the entrance. We’ve found that the parachute method works best.

Use the characters’ special skills

There are two ways to go here. Either use Franklin’s special driving skill to reach the Titan quickly or Trevor’s beast mode to help you survive the inevitable shots from the army (although it won’t stop a tank!).


If you’re lucky enough to reach the Titan and make it to the runway, then there are the infamous missiles to avoid on take-off. However, if you press the button to look behind you on take-off the missiles won’t fire at all.

Surviving damage

Usually if you’ve make it up into the air the Titan will have taken from damage and smoke will be pouring out of the soon to fail engines. All you need to do is switch to another character and then back again quickly and the Titan will be repaired.

Buy a hangar in Fort Zancudo

If GTA 5 Online you have the option to buy a hangar in Fort Zancudo. Once you’ve done so the army will let you through the doors without attacking you. You are also free to approach the Titan and will only trigger two stars once you get in it leaving plenty of time to make a clean getaway.

Using cheats, tricks and mods

If all this is too much effort, then you can of course use cheats and mods to bag yourself a Titan.

The Enhanced Native Trainer mod (story mode only) lets you simply spawn a Titan whenever you want as long as there is enough space around you. You can also disable wanted stars, buy one from the internet on the phone and use the invincibility cheat to help you secure your prize.

Good luck!