There are many ways to install mods in GTA 5 on PC, some much more complicated than others, so it’s good to start with something quick and easy.

This is the easiest way we’ve found to get started which will allow you to install Script Hook V which many mods run with and provide you with a basic trainer menu to activate an initial set of mods and cheats.

All these steps are in the video above, but to summarise:

  1. Go to
  2. Do a search for the keyword ‘Script Hook V’. Click on ‘Script Hook V + Native trainer’
  3. Check the comments and ratings as well as the installation instructions to check it’s compatible with your version of the game
  4. Download the folder and place the folder somewhere easy to find on your PC, such as creating a new ‘mods’ folder on your desktop
  5. Open up the ‘bin’ folder from the files you’ve just downloaded
  6. Copy them into the folder where your GTA V application is found (the ‘exe’ file – do a search in Windows if you’re not sure where it is)
  7. Run the game and double check everything is OK
  8. F4 will open up the menu (although you can change this later if you want)

I’ll be following up with the next steps to install more sophisticated mods, but this should get you up and running with plenty of mods to play with.

Disclaimer: don’t use any mods in GTA 5 Online or you risk getting banned. Do your own research and keep a backup of your files in case something goes wrong. Install mods at your own risk etc. etc.!