The army base at Fort Zancudo is probably the best location in the whole of GTA V. There are hours of fun to be had trying to steal a jet, Buzzard or a tank as you battle four stars and heavy fire from the army.

In GTA V online there is the option to spend big and buy a hangar inside Fort Zancudo leading to the obvious question of how you are supposed to get in there without getting wasted every time!

When you buy the army hangar you get a special security status which means you can enter the army base without getting attacked. Likewise you can fly over it without taking fire and even land on the airstrip without unleashing a volley of shots from the tanks and soldiers.

You can still pick up wanted stars by picking a fight with a soldier or by jumping into one of the army vehicles. However, you only pick up two wanted stars and the army are noticeably less aggressive.

The huge advantage is that by the time you have jumped into the jet, then you are away before the army can intercept you meaning you have access to virtually unlimited army vehicles. It’s a little harder to escape with a tank, but even then the other tanks are less aggressive usually giving you time to get away.

This does of course present you with a dilemma as it’s now far too easy to enter the army base and escape with a prized vehicle. If this takes all the fun away for you, then you can purchase another hangar which will swap it from the one in Fort Zancudo and your special security status will be wiped and the carnage will ensue as before!