Trevor likes a scrap, but with this mission it seems he’s bitten off more than he could chew with the army base rampage.

Once again he gets into an argument with some locals and this time he takes on the army. Even in beast mode, Trevor is up against it in by far the hardest of the rampages.

If you can survive the waves of soldiers, then the challenge really starts when the two tanks arrive.

There are two key techniques to complete this mission with ease:

  1. Keep moving. If you stand still, Trevor will simply take too much punishment and you’ll fail the mission. This is especially true when the tanks arrive as one direct hit from them and Trevor is wasted.
  2. Use the curved wall behind you. By far the best tactic is to take cover behind the wall and then shoot around the corner as the army attacks. However, even this wall won’t save Trevor from the tanks. The key is to launch a couple of grenades at the tank, but it locks in and opens fire and then to move quickly to the other side of the wall and do the same again. Repeat, until the tanks are destroyed and you’ll pass the mission with ease

Watch our video above to see these techniques in action.