One of the best things in GTA V is Fort Zancudo and the ultimate prize the army jet. Getting through the soldiers, tanks and missiles intact is no easy task, but there are a few tricks and tips that will help you as we’ve shown in the video above.

  1. Sneak in. Either use the jump over the fence by the highway near the western entrance to buy you some time or go through the main entrance and take a sharp turn to head along the walled road next to the fence. If you don’t, the tanks are likely to destroy you before you even get close to the jet
  2. Move fast. The longer you hang around, the more soldiers and tanks will arrive making it virtually impossible to survive or for your jet to stay intact if you manage to get inside it.
  3. Go inside the hangar. The jet inside the hangar is the easiest to steal if you’re quick as there are no soldiers protecting it. The hangar also protects you from overhead fire from helicopters.
  4. Use the runway to take off. If you take off at the first opportunity, you’ll be hit by missiles before you can get clear of Fort Zancudo. You can sometimes escape these by making evasive manoeuvres, such as a rotation or loop the loop, but it’s tough to do. Far better is to work your way onto the runway as this limits your time in the air when you can be targeted by missiles.
  5. Top tip: look behind you when in the air. This is the most important trick of all, as if you hold the button to show the rear view then for some reasons the missiles don’t fire.
  6. Cheat. If you find all that just too much effort, then you can use the invincibility cheat which will buy you plenty of time to explore the army base in your 5 minutes, although the tanks will likely destroy any vehicle you enter if you’re not moving fast which can lead to spectacular explosions, if no real progress at bagging a jet.