The Blue Hell underworld is the area beneath the drawn map. Find the right spot or the right glitch and you can fall through and into Blue Hell where you’ll fall through the brown grey void until a fallback is triggered and you re-emerge on the nearest solid part of the map.

On the mobile versions of GTA it’s relatively easy to fall into the Blue Hell underworld, but GTA V is regularly patched by Rockstar and the well known weak points in the map get fixed. However, on the video below you’ll find 3 easy ways to enter Blue Hell – at least until they are patched…

The first way in the video is by far the easiest – you just jump in a gap between two roads and you fall straight through the gap and into Blue Hell.

The second requires the use of the super jump (‘HOPTOIT’ on PC) cheat to jump onto and through a balcony behind Michael’s house.

The third again requires the super jump cheap and involves jumping through the roof of a garage and up and over a wall into Blue Hell.

Watch them all in the video above.

Please list the others you’ve found in the comments…