The rocket launcher is one serious piece of weaponry. It’s perhaps fitting then that it involves a little effort to secure one for free. Of the four locations it spawns, the nearest place to find one is on the suspension bridge to the south of the map.

There are two ways to get there. One get hold of a tall vehicle, like a lorry, and then jump up onto the right (west) hand side of the bridge as you go south on the first set of suspensions and then climb upwards right to the top, as shown in the video. The other way is to fly to the top of the bridge in a helicopter, although that involves losing three stars at the airport. Losing the stars, however, is easy enough, as you just need to fly out to sea and the cops won’t chase you.

When you are on top of the bridge, you’ll find the rocket launcher. Unfortunately, only one rocket loads at a time, so you’ll need to wait around 30 seconds for it to re-spawn until you’ve collected the maximum 20 rockets that the rocket launcher can hold.

Then it’s time to have some fun and rack up some quick stars!