In Boomshine Saigon, the ever entertaining Phil Cassidy is brewing up some moonshine and invites you over for a taste – what could possibly go wrong?

Sure enough explosives and moonshine don’t mix and there is a terrible accident. In one of the most bizarre missions in the game, you need to drive Phil to the hospital against the clock, while under the influence of moonshine. Hence the car and your view will sway from side to side.

Don’t try and over correct the steering which has a delay on it, just drive in roughly the right direction and use gentle taps to steer and you shouldn’t have any problems reaching the hospital in time. However, when you reach it you’ll find out that Phil doesn’t want to go to the hospital as he believes it’s full of cops and Viet Cong and you need to drive to a second location before his health runs out.

Instead you head towards an ex-army surgeon’s house around the corner. Again you should have plenty of time.

Complete this strange little side mission and you’ll have earned much more than the reward. You’ll have completed the missions for Phil and can now buy some serious weaponry from him.