As part of the ad trial I’ve been running on the blog, I said I’d keep readers in touch with progress as thanks for putting up with the ads on a previously ad-free blog.

In part two of the trial, I experimented with adding Adsense Link Units, between the article and the comments on individual posts.

It’s been about five weeks now and I have sufficient data to make a judgement for this blog at least.

The Link Units on the page have been clicked on nearly twice as much, but they have got a much lower CPM (virtually nothing, but statistically 25 times less), no doubt the requirement for the second revenue-generating click on reacing the Google search engine results page playing its part.

This does raise the question about trialing Ad Units in that space to see the relative click-through rates, although I’ll hold off for a while as Technocloud is not a revenue generating exercise.

Needless to say I’m removing the Link Units to declutter the site, but would be interested in hearing about other people’s experiences.