Google has introduced a new recommendations feature to your homepage in Google Reader. This analyses your feeds list and presents a series of blog that it recommends. It’s unobtrusive and doesn’t flood your Reader with new posts to process.

However, it may still need a little work…

I was more than a little surprised to see the top recommendation coming from the delicately named, Arseblog. Even more delicate was the description (hopefully the blog editor’s not Google’s): ‘It’s f**king excellent’!

Fortunately, further explanation is at hand with the additional descriptive text identifying it as ‘an Arsenal blog’. Oh.

Among the work feeds, I also subscribe to the BBC Sport feed, so I can understand how it may have picked out a football blog for me. Leaving aside the question of picking out a specific club’s blog (notoriously dodgy ground), you’d hope that Google would invest in some kind of swear filter to protect the minds of innocents.

As for me, the swearing I could cope with, but the recommendation of club was the real insult!

See below for the offending screengrab (‘oops’ icon added by me).

Google Oops!