Having experimented with several feed readers over the years, I’ve finally settled on Google Reader. The shortcuts, clean design and viewing options meet the majority of my needs. However, there were two major sources of annoyance – number of posts display and no search.

Quite why a search company like Google wouldn’t include the ability to search your feeds as feature no. 1 was as baffling as it was ironic. Finally this has been addressed (but no explanation as to why it took so long) with a simple and effective search field at the top. Job done.

Another source of frustration was with the number of posts display. Once it got to over 100 on an individual feed or on all items, it simply said 100+. So after more than a few days away, half an hour’s feed reading through the likes of Mashable and Techmeme refused to make a dent leaving me wondering just how long I should persevere. A source of stress when you don’t want to miss any nuggets, but do have a finite time to do research.

This has also finally been addressed ramping it up to 1000+ leaving it perfectly clear just how many posts I need to plough through to catch up. Perhaps ignorance was bliss after all…