Note to self to check out Ookles when it launches in early 2007. The details are sketchy at the moment, but they claim to be another entrant into the facial recognition field alongside the impressive Riya, whose ecommerce search engine,, I featured back in 2006.

Initially the site will focus on photo storage, but video and podcast storage are promised later. It will be interesting to see if they apply their facial recognition technology to video search as well as photo search and how well it actually might work – no easy task. Audio recognition is an easier problem to address, with several tools already available, including Pluggd.

The site is expected to be built using oh-so-web-2.0 Ajax and will also boast automated album creation, handy if you’re trying to copy across years worth of personal media.

Expect to see more of these services as the explosion in multimedia content on the web continues.