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Spotify the Nokia

December 9, 2009 Chris 0

Spotify’s premium music service, which includes its offline playlists, is coming to the Symbian operating system (owned by Nokia). The new version mainly supports Nokia […]

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Comes with Spotify

October 26, 2009 Chris 0

Another week, another Spotify business model, this time a bundled subscription to Spotify’s premium service on HTC’s Hero Android Smartphone which is available on the […]

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Spotify iPhone app days away

July 27, 2009 Chris 0

The long awaited Spotify iPhone application has been submitted to Apple for approval and already several details have emerged: – Ability to take your playlists […]

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Spotify trials Free audiobook

July 3, 2009 Chris 0

Spotify’s music streaming service is trialling its first audiobook, appropriately enough Chris Anderson’s much hyped ‘Free: the future of a radical price’. This is available […]

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Download music on Spotify

April 17, 2009 Chris 0

This blog has been keeping a close eye on Spotify’s attempts to go mobile, but the desktop client is also progressing with news that Spotify […]

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Spotify iPhone application

February 23, 2009 Chris 0

One of the most popular articles on Technocloud recently was a look into Spotify’s multi-media ambitions in a post called Spotify mobile where I noted […]