GTA 5 is littered with in-jokes, movie and game references and Easter eggs. One of the best is the ghost on Mount Gordo.

The ghost appears between 11pm and midnight on a rock towards the top of Mount Gordo with the word ‘Jock’ written in blood. You can see the exact spot in the video above.

You can interact with the ghost to a limited degree. As you approach the ghost will fade and as you move back it will reappear. However, that’s it, as shots do no damage and it does not react to your presence beyond fading in and out. There is a set of leaves that circle around its feet adding to the eerie scene.

It is the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans who, legend has it, was pushed off the mountain at that exact spot by her husband Jock, hence his name appearing at the scene of the crime. He was questioned by police for the crime, but never charged according to an article in the Senora Beach paper which features in the game.

It appears in both GTA 5 and GTA Online.