The Drone in GTA Online is purchased with the mighty Terrobyte. Like the Terrobyte itself, it’s not cheap, but it’s both fun and useful.

Watch the video above it see it and the Terrobyte in action.

How to buy the Drone

Firstly, you’ll need a Nightclub to be able to buy a Terrobyte. You can then buy the Drone either when purchasing your Terrobyte the first time from Warstock on your in-game phone or you can add it later when customising your Terrobyte, again in the Warstock store. You’ll receive a message after purchase saying it’s been delivered to your Nightclub which will now have a new basement level for your Terrobyte.

How to access the Drone

To access the Drone, you need to enter the side door of your Terrobyte and then sit at the appropriate chair. You can summon your Terrobyte via the Interaction menu under ‘Services’ or just visit your Nightclub and select the Terrobyte’s garage. Alternatively, you can jump in the front seat and drive it.

What you can do with your Drone

Once you’ve mastered the controls, including the ‘boost’ button to speed up the movement, you can use it to explore an area in safety, to blow up an object or best of all to use the stun gun. The stun gun will take out a pedestrian and you can use it on your fellow players, including of course those sat on the Oppressor MKII!

What else you can do from your Terrobyte

The Terrobyte is a serious piece of kit. It’s heavily armoured and can withstand multiple rockets when you’re in the back, although not so heavily armoured that it will survive an impact with the unstoppable train as you’ll see in the video above!

These are its main uses:

  • Crew access: allow others to enter which means you can drive while they spray rockets at all around you! You can only buy one Terrobyte per player.
  • Clothing store: access your clothing from the comfort of your Terrobyte
  • Launch a set of missions: use the touchscreen to start a series of missions, some of which you’ll need to unlock by completing others. It can also be uses as an operation hub for the various businesses.
  • Weapons workshop: customise and upgrade your weapons
  • Oppressor MKII workshop: you can store and upgrade the controversial Oppressor, adding the likes of armour and rockets
  • Turret station: this is an impressive addition allowing you or one of your crew to fire homing rockets at targets around you. The only downside is that its hard to shoot at low lying objects, effectively those at ground level! It will however lock onto targets at ground level once the homing missile identifies them. You can upgrade this to shoot rockets at a faster rate.
  • Player scanner: proof, if you needed it, that Rockstar have a sense of humour. You can use this from the driver’s seat to scan other players to view their stats, including how many private dances they’ve had in the game!