GTA Online can a confusing place to start. There are so many businesses, vehicles, outfits, all requiring ever larger amounts of money, not to mention other players trying to take you out. So where should you start when you begin?

Watch the video above for some helpful hints.

In the video and for this article, I’m going to limit it to a series of useful tips to bear in mind both at the start of the game and on an ongoing basis to make the most of the opportunities available. In later articles, we’ll cover how best to earn and spend that all-important money.

  • Visit the casino in each game day to earn the free stuff. Why not?
  • To avoid getting robbed, deposit your money in the bank using the Internet on your phone if you are holding over $5k
  • Use the weekly Rockstar bonuses advertised on the long, long game loading screen as they’ll help you level up and gain cash more quickly
  • Once you’ve registered in the Rockstar Social Club, get your free Elegy RH8 car from Legendary MotorSports again using the Internet on your phone
  • Use the Interaction menu to get your vehicles back when you’ve inevitably destroyed them! Press ‘M’ on PC, hold the ‘View’ button on Xbox and hold ‘Touchpad/Select’ on PlayStation. Use this menu to access
  • Buy snacks from the convenience stores to boost your health. Use the Interaction menu to access them mid-game
  • Top up your armour in Ammunation – bizarrely you can carry multiple set of armour and put them on when you need them, again via the Interaction menu
  • To register as a VIP/President/CEO, use that Interaction menu. You’ll need $50k to register as a VIP and an expensive Office to become a CEO
  • Use the free helicopters and aircraft to get around the map quickly. Early on you’ll find them at the various airstrips, but they spawn in a number of locations across the map and new and better aircraft will spawn as you level up (video to follow with map of all the locations)
  • Alternatively call Merriweather on your phone to summon a helicopter and if you want to keep it for yourself, take out the pilot
  • Avoid taking on other players until you’ve levelled up your weapons and vehicles and watch out in particular for modders as there’s no way to defeat them

Please add your own in the comments below as it’s a big topic and this is just scratching the surface for now!