If you’re trying to find the location of the Mors Mutual Depot, then watch the video above to get directions.

The depot is located at the Vapid Dealership on Adam’s Apple Boulevard. Mors Mutual only has one depot, so once you’ve found its location once you’ll know where to go every time.

When your personal vehicle gets destroyed in GTA Online, Mors Mutual Insurance has your back. They are a default contact in your phone and when you ring them they will either return the vehicle to your garage (if you have one) or to the Mors Mutual depot – the game will indicate which.

If you’re already in another personal vehicle when you call then the one you’re claiming for will be delivered to your garage.

The depot name doesn’t appear on the list of locations on the right side of the screen, but an icon marker with your Personal Vehicle location does and you can use your sat nav to give you directions.