Unlike other GTA games, you can only get a maximum of 5 wanted stars in GTA V, but getting there is not easy. Unless you know how.

You can of course use a cheat, in story mode not online, using the FUGITIVE cheat on PC, but you do lose any achievements in that session by using a cheat.

We’ve found a great spot which makes it relatively easy to earn 5 stars, plus a simple escape route when you want to get rid of them.

If you head down the tunnel shown in the video after picking up a couple of wanted stars, the police will chase you. If they don’t just reverse back up until they do.

Then stay in your car and fire backwards until you rack up the stars. Bizarrely the cops form a queue behind each other and stay off the main railway track making it easy to fire safely.

When you’ve got the 5 stars, either head out to enjoy the challenge or you can lose them but driving forwards out of the tunnel until you reach the next larger tunnel where not only do the cops not follow, but you can also hide out until the stars disappear…