Caligula's safe won't open GTA San AndreasIf you’re trying to complete the Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s mission and the safe won’t open, then the chances are you’re being affected by a bug.

You follow the steps through to blowing up the generators and then head back to the vault to cue the cut scene blowing up the safe, but when the dust settles the safe door is still shut and your crew keep walking into it. It’s not fault of yours, it’s a bug in the game.

If you try to blow up the door, nothing will dent it and you’ll only end up wasting your crew and failing the mission.

The chances are you have this bug when you try to open the back door to the casino with the forklift truck and the graphics don’t show the door opening properly.

Even if you restart the mission or try again later the bug remains.

There are a few options to dealing with this, none of them perfect unfortunately:

  1. Update your app to the latest version and hopefully Rockstar have fixed it by the time you read this
  2. Revert to a previously saved version of the game – a different one if you’ve already saved your game having got stuck with this bug. Progress through to the heist and the bug won’t be there. Of course that may take a long time depending where you’ve saved your game
  3. You can skip this mission and do the next mission which takes you back to Los Santos, although it’s annoying to have this great mission unfinished

If you find any other way past this bug, let us know.