Against All Odds GTA San Andreas
The only way to beat the bookies

Against All Odds is one of the four robbery missions for crazy Catalina, this time at the betting shop, Inside Track.

If you leave a vehicle outside, unfortunately it won’t be there when you get out. More on that later.

Resourceful and heavily armed as ever, Catalina has a set of ten satchel charges with which to blow the safe open. While she wreaks havoc inside the betting shop, line yourself up in front of the door to the safe and throw a charge against it and retreat to safe distance, the switch to the detonator to trigger it.

Repeat to open the safe.

You’ll then be outside and with four wanted stars to your name. Jack a car or a lorry and head to the Pay’N’Spray. Remember that the Pay’N’Spray won’t take a police car, so you can’t take one of those nearby. Plenty of traffic passes through, so keep firing at those around you and jack a suitable vehicle.

Tempting as it is make sure you don’t leave Catalina behind or you’ll fail the mission.

It’s then a drive as the cops head after you in pursuit. Keep your foot down and swerve to avoid the oncoming police cars to avoid destroying your vehicle. One tactic is to head for the dirt track to the west as less cops will follow you.

When you’ve lost your stars head back to Catalina’s place to share the spoils and bag $2,000.