In Naval Engagement it’s back to Umberto’s who is in his usual combative and insulting mood. As usual, rather than doing his own dirty work he wants you to go and settle his scores.

Before you start the mission it’s a good idea to top up your health and armour as this mission involves a shootout.

Head over to meet Rico and ignore the temptation to send him into the water… Then you travel in Rico’s boat to attack the Haitian’s. For the first part of the mission, simply use the rocket launcher to blow the boats out of the water and to take out those on the jetty.

Then switch to your M4 to deal with those on the building itself. You can, if you want to play safe, retreat to a safe distance and take them out with a sniper rifle. Pick up the three briefcases which will then trigger a cut scene where your boat gets blown up and you’re on your own.

You’ll now have four wanted stars, no transport and have to get back to Umberto’s. Look out for the gunman to the left of the exit to the building – there’s another on top of the building if you haven’t taken them both out.

Go around the other side of the building and there’s a Landstalker you can jump into. You can either then drive to the Pay’N’Spray to lose your stars or straight to Umberto’s if your driving skill is up to it. Alternatively drive to the Vercetti Mansion and use the Infernus parked outside for extra speed.

Make it back and you’ll have earned $4000.