The Shootist - GTA Vice CityThe Shootist is part two of the bank heist as you try to recruit sharp shooter and weapons man Phil Cassidy. To start the mission head over to Ammunation to meet up with Phil.

Before he agrees to join you in the bank job he wants to see if you can shoot or not. To complete the mission, you’ll need to reach at least 60 points through a three stage shooting practice challenge.

The key to completing the mission is not to waste ammunition, making most of your shots count. If you fire indiscriminately you’ll run out of ammunition and not be able to shoot enough targets to reach 60 overall.

On the first section, concentrate on the two and three point targets. You can shoot the bottom two sections of the one point targets but leave the head top level and this will stop the one-pointers getting in your way. Take out the bottom two sections of the two and three pointers, then the head shots and repeat and you should pick up enough points to make the last two sections easy enough – 30 or more should be plenty.

When you’ve completed the first mission resist the temptation to take out one of the other customers or you’ll fail the mission! Move through the building into the second purple marker.

In section two, again don’t waste ammunition and take your time and you should be able to rack up more than 20 points relatively easily – this time each target is worth one point.

The final section is harder, but by now you should have 50 points or more, so by anticipating the movement of the targets you can pick up the final 10-15 points you need to get the 60 or more to complete the mission.

Head back to Phil and he’s your man along with $2,000!