Cop Land - GTA Vice CityIn Cop Land, Mike and Lance have once again messed up the protection racket when trying to blow up the Tarbrush Café and it’s down to you to destroy the place yourself.

The cops are watching the Café in huge numbers, so you’ll need to disguise yourselves as cops.

If you fancy a little distraction you can try heading into the north point mall without police uniform and you’ll immediately pick up five stars. The challenge is then to reach the lock-up before the Feds get you.

However, to do the mission properly, you’ll need to first pick up a wanted level and then lure two cops into a garage. This is harder than it sounds, firstly to get cops to follow you in and secondly when there are multiple cops on your tail to ensure the doors aren’t jammed by another police car in the way.

It’s best to head over to the lock-up first and then start shooting to build up two wanted stars. When you’ve picked them up, jump into a car nearby and wait for a police car to drive up behind you. Then drive into the lock-up and wait for the door to close. This way you’ll have the uniforms as well as the police car the mission says you need, although there’s a police car conveniently parked to the right of the garage’s exit.

However, you don’t actually need a police car and indeed this allows you to head to the Pay’N’Spray later as it won’t touch police cars.

When you have the police uniforms and a car head over to the North Point Mall. Park you car by the exit ready to jump into as you’ll be reaching it in a hurry.

Then head over to the indicator taking care to remember which exit you parked the car next to as there are more than one. It’s best to leave the car outside the exit next to the cafe as not only will this allow a quick exit, but also in the area below is an adrenaline pill and an icon to lose a wanted star.

Then walk into the purple indicator in the cafe and prepare to run as you’ll only have five seconds before it blows. Run out the exit to your left and jump into the car you have ready and use the wanted star below.

Then if you have a non-police car, it’s a chase to the Pay’N’Spray to lose those wanted stars or you could drive straight to the Vercetti mansion if you fancy more of a chase and are using the police car..

When you arrive back at the mansion, you’ll have completed the protection ring missions and will start earning money from the money icon outside the mansion.