Publicity Town - GTA Vice City
The last band on earth you’d want diffusing a bomb…

In Publicity Town it’s back to the most bonkers band in rock, Love Fist. The boys are bricking themselves yet again as they continue to receive death threats and beg you to drive the limousine to the gig, all one hundred yards down the road…

Once you get into the limo, in a weird tribute to the movie Speed, the limo is booby-trapped and to avoid the bomb going off, you have to keep the limo moving at speed. The key to this mission is to find a wide open road and not to have any crashes or the limo will go sky high in seconds.

It’s best to head to the highway that runs north-south of the island and then head towards the Diaz, now Vercetti, mansion as the roads are wide and clear and you can go around in a circle while the Love Fist boys try to defuse the bomb.

Most of the fun in this mission is listening to the banter from Love Fist as they try to disarm the bomb in their own unique, chaotic way. Clearly Rockstar had a ball working on this characters, who only seem to be in the game to provide a laugh and no bad thing at that.

Keep driving for a minute or so and the boys will have defused the bomb, although quite how they managed it, we’re not so sure.

Then you just need to drive the band to their gig and as long as you avoid destroying the car or getting busted you’ll have earned $8,000 and have to say a sad farewell to Love Fist.