Two Bit Hit - GTA Vice CityIn Two Bit Hit, Avery Carrington introduces you to Donald Love. Avery even the real estate tycoon wants you to start a gang war to bring down property prices.

He wants you to attend the funeral of a Haitian gang leader and start creating havoc. First you’ll need to pick up some Cuban gang gear to wear. It’s also a good idea to stock up on your body armour and health.

Once you have the right outfit, head over to Romero’s funeral parlour and target the Haitian indicated by the marker.

You’ll need to make sure you’re spotted, tempting as it is to just throw some grenades over the wall. You can either take on the Haitians or drive off and concentrate on the Haitian with the yellow marker. You can take your time as the yellow marker remains on even if he is a long way away.

When you catch up with his car make sure you avoid the exploding coffins and then get alongside his car and do a drive-by to get him on foot where you can simply run him down.

Then you’ll need to get out of Little Haiti by driving in any direction for a few seconds and it’s mission accomplished and $2,500. Just head back to the main road that runs north to south on the east side of the island. What’s more you’ll also now have unlocked the Cuban missions.