Horn won't work in Distribution GTA Vice City
Horn won’t work in Distribution GTA Vice City?

If the horn doesn’t seem to work on the Mr Whoopee’s ice cream van, then don’t despair. Several players on GTA Vice City have reported that no matter how hard or how long they press the horn button the level won’t start.

And yet on every other vehicle the horn seems to work absolutely fine.

There are a couple of things to check:

  1. Are you definitely in the ice cream van in the doors of Cherry Poppers?
  2. Have you seen the cut scene which starts off the mission

If so, there is a simple answer. For some unknown reason if you press directly or hold the button it doesn’t always sound the horn. What you need to do is to flick the horn with a swipe gesture rather than a press and this does the trick. Try a few times just glancing the horn and it will start working for you.