Silence the Sneak GTA3
Stand this far back, slightly to the left of the window and pointing slightly to your right and keep trying…

Silence the Sneak is your first mission for the corrupt cop, Ray Machowski, who is found in an apt location, a public toilet in the park.

His former partner, McAffrey, has turned state witness in return for amnesty and Ray tells you to silence him before he can testify.

You’ll drive to the area containing the Pay’N’Spray where you’ll see a second floor window contain McAffrey. The only way to flush him out is with a well aimed grenade into his window. This requires a lot of practice and a little luck.

First though make sure you park a long vehicle in front of the garage door to the bottom left of his window. This will block him in when he makes a run for it and allow you to take him out with a grenade. If your vehicle explodes it will disappear, so go and get another one – McAffrey won’t make a run for it.

Now it’s down to your grenade throwing skills.

Not only is it difficult to throw a grenade into the window, but it’s also very frustrating to get taken out by your own grenades as the bounce off the wall.

So, stand slightly to the left with the window just visible at the top of the screen. By standing left the grenades will bounce away from you and away from the vehicle you’ve parked in front of his garage.

Once you’ve successfully thrown a grenade through the window, start throwing grenades at the vehicle parked in front of the garage and as he tries to drive away he’ll be blown up along with whatever you’ve parked in front.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s a chase and a drive-by for you – have a fast car parked behind you, just in case he gets away.

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