Chaperone GTA3
Easy on the painwork, that’s Salvatore’s limo

In Chaperone, you have to drive Salvatore’s girlfriend, Maria, down to the Chinatown waterfront to pick up some ‘party supplies’.

Drive the limo to meet up with Chico and then onto the party in the warehouse down at Atlantic Quays. Drop Maria off and then wait in the car.

The party is busted by the police in a drugs raid and its down to you to drive Maria back to safety at Salvatore’s mansion while the raid is in progress.

Annoyingly, you can fail this mission by one of the police vans smashing into the back of you and running Maria over, but that’s just bad luck. While you’re waiting for it all to kick off move the car into position so you can drive away without having to reverse out and take on damage.

Once the police have arrived you’ll have have two wanted stars. Now you could drive to the Pay’N’Spray, but you should be able to just drive to Salvatore’s without taking on too much damage, just make sure you don’t flip the car or have unecessary crashes with passing vehicles.

Drive it to his garage on the right and it’s mission accomplished and another $10k in the bank, unlocking more missions from Toni.

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