In Payday for Ray, Asuka asks you to deliver money to a corrupt cop who is paranoid he is being tailed.

Completing the mission is all about driving speed and use of the radar.

Up against the clock, you have to race to four phones across the city. For this you’ll need a fast car and thankfully there’s a Banshee parked right outside Asuka’s place. Jump in and get to the first phone as fast as you can.

The first phone is easy enough to find, it’s just by the side of the road. However, the second phone’s location can be confusing. Make sure you’re not on the underpass, but are above it just before the entrance to the bridge – there’s a cut through opposite the park.

Then it’s off to the the Liberty Campus where the phone is down some steps and into a courtyard. You can just drive down the steps and it’s on the other side of the building away from the road. Next up is a more straightforward location next to the side of the road in South Belleville Park and the final phone.

Reach this one in time and you’ve unlocked the Ray Machowski missions and his salubrious toilet location.

To complete this mission you have to look after your car, plan your route carefully (you may need a couple of attempts to learn the location of the phones) and have honed your driving skills.

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