The Motorola Xoom Android tablet launched to great reviews, winning the prestigious best in show at CES 2011, standing out among a host of tablets.

But how many have they actually sold? According to an estimate from Deutsche Bank it was only 100k by April. Compare that to 300k iPads on its first weekend of sales, although you’re not comparing like with like given the huge hype that greeting the arrival of a new product in a new(ish) category.

But they may not even have sold that according to Global Equities who estimated that out of 500-800k manufactured they had only sold 25-120k, although given the large range of the estimate it’s hardly a reliable stat.

Whoever the analyst it’s clear that Android tablets still have a lot of catching up to do with the iPad and lag behind the huge success of Android phones.

But let’s not forget it’s still early days and there will be many, many more Android tablets coming out in 2011 and likewise many improvements to the operating system.