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The all new vanity spam

April 14, 2011 Chris 0

Askimet generally does an excellent job in managing spam on WordPress blogs. A check in the comments section of the WordPress dashboard reveals the numbers […]

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WordPress’ cruel April fool

April 2, 2011 Chris 0

Having re-engaged with this blog, it’s been interesting to see the old traffic levels flowing back as Google noticed it’s once liked niche technology blog […]

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Improving your bounce rate

February 4, 2009 Chris 0

Back in November, I started an experiment to improve the bounce rate on the blog through the related-posts plugin in WordPress. As below, this typically […]

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Top 10 posts of 2008

December 31, 2008 Chris 0

In a sudden rush of originality and inspiration, I’m going to share surely the first ever list of 2008’s most popular posts! 10. Gearing up […]