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Four years and beyond

March 21, 2011 Chris 0

I’ve been considering the future for this blog for a while and have decided to keep the blog going. It still gets a steady stream […]

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Google News trends

February 23, 2010 Chris 0

Google News is taking on Twitter by trialling a real-time news trends service. In the trial, a list of trending key words appears beneath the […]

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Gorilla Marketing

October 1, 2009 Chris 0

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is using an innovative approach to raise awareness of and funds for endangered gorillas. The ‘Friend a Gorilla’ website allows users […]

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Twitter = rubbish?

July 15, 2009 Chris 0

An article summary caught my eye in the BBC Technology feed this morning: “Thousands of pieces of rubbish are to be tracked using sophisticated mobile […]

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Twitter spam

June 15, 2009 Chris 0

Like death and taxes, spam will always find a way. And so it seems for Twitter whose problem with spam has grown in line with […]