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Fun with Flickr

May 1, 2007 Chris 0

If ever you get bored with uploading and categorising your photos on Flickr, have a play with these tools that make use of their API. […]

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The Skype’s the limit

February 8, 2007 Chris 0

One of the joys of opening up your product to the development community is that you get applications that you would never have thought of […]

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January 21, 2007 Chris 0

Another online conversion tool has launched – Hey!Watch.  Unlike Zamzar, this tool is video only, but they’ve used RSS and a RESTful API to provide […]

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Music Filtration

December 11, 2006 Chris 0

Here’s an interesting application of a recommendation engine:  The Filter.  This kind of software is likely to be much more useful that the Playlist features […]

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November 26, 2006 Chris 0

Here‘s an interesting on-line tool. Zamzar allows you to convert from a variety of formats to a variety of formats. Being properly Web 2.0 it […]