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Google Adsense trial

March 2, 2009 Chris 0

In a post last year, I explained that I was looking to run an ad trial on the site to test ad optimisation service Pubmatic […]

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Improving your bounce rate

February 4, 2009 Chris 0

Back in November, I started an experiment to improve the bounce rate on the blog through the related-posts plugin in WordPress. As below, this typically […]

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Spotify mobile

January 16, 2009 Chris 0

Among the increasing number of ways to stream music legally (imeem,, youtube…), one service that has caught my eye is Spotify. At present a […]

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Random comments award

November 7, 2008 Chris 2

Something strange is happening on one of my archived posts, Pimp my blog. The majority of non-spam comments that I get on the site are […]