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Floyd Pink

March 15, 2010 Chris 0

Pink Floyd are fighting back in the transformation in the music industry from album to single after winning a court battle to prevent unbundled downloads […]

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Spotify the Nokia

December 9, 2009 Chris 0

Spotify’s premium music service, which includes its offline playlists, is coming to the Symbian operating system (owned by Nokia). The new version mainly supports Nokia […]

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U2 Tube

November 16, 2009 Chris 0

YouTube’s latest experiment at live broadcasting, the decidedly A-list U2 concert from the Rose Bowl attracted a broadcast size audience of 10m. Given its premium […]

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OneBox to rule them all

November 4, 2009 Chris 0

Google has entered the online music market with a new service for finding and buying music online, OneBox, through a partnership with music sites Lala […]

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Comes with Spotify

October 26, 2009 Chris 0

Another week, another Spotify business model, this time a bundled subscription to Spotify’s premium service on HTC’s Hero Android Smartphone which is available on the […]