iPhone statistics

iPhone statistics

January 21, 2013 Chris 0

Statistics about the mobile industry have long been part of Follow That App’s content and are among the most popular searches we see coming through […]

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iPhone sales statistics

July 27, 2012 Chris 0

Is it really five years since the iPhone emerged to transform the mobile industry? It is indeed and seems and apt time to look back […]

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iOS5 deleted contacts

November 10, 2011 Chris 0

The upgrade to iOS5 has brought a number of useful features – Newsstand, better notifications, Twitter integration, iMessage service and even a location-based Reminders app. […]

Trucks and Skulls NITRO

Trucks and Skulls NITRO review

October 13, 2011 Chris 0

Trucks, Skulls and the Angry Birds formula, it should be a dream combination but falls short. Love Noisy trucks. Exploding Skulls. Boiling larva. Carnage. What’s […]