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Google News trends

February 23, 2010 Chris 0

Google News is taking on Twitter by trialling a real-time news trends service. In the trial, a list of trending key words appears beneath the […]

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Facebook at home

February 15, 2010 Chris 0

Facebook is fast catching Yahoo and Google as US web users’ home on the web, having already overtaken MySpace and Microsoft in the past year. […]

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Nexus no iPhone ‘killer’

January 14, 2010 Chris 0

As Apple passed another milestone in mobile with 3 billion app downloads, Google stepped up its competition in the Smartphone market with the launch of […]

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Google books deal nears

November 23, 2009 Chris 0

Google has made concessions to publishers by scaling back some of its plans to digitise millions of out-of-print works from US libraries. Google is nearing […]

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Google AdMob handed

November 16, 2009 Chris 0

Google has announced an agreement to acquire AdMob, the mobile ad network and technology provider, for $750 million in stock. The move increases further Google’s […]