Cannon Fodder – GTA Vice City

Cannon Fodder - GTA Vice City

In Cannon Fodder it’s back to Umberto’s cafe to help him settle a score with the Haitians and recover his drugs.

Find a car with at least four doors and head over for the action. The Haitians are blocking the entrance so just take them out with a rocket launcher or a M4. Then a sniper appears on the roof and again take him out with the rocket launcher or with your own sniper rifle.

Cannon Fodder - GTA Vice CityCue a shootout in the courtyard. Again use your M4 and you should be able to pick them off with little damage. Don’t just wait there though as the Haitians re-spawn from the warehouse. Instead get into the van containing the drugs shown by the yellow indicator on the map.

Make sure you get on the move quickly as the Haitians will try and jack the van. Just drive through the Haitians blocking the exit and head back over to Umberto’s cafe.

You may well have picked up a couple of wanted stars by now, so you can either head to the Pay’N’Spray to lose them or just drive quickly back to the cafe and into the purple indicator.

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