Sir, Yes, Sir! – GTA Vice City

Sir, Yes, Sir - GTA Vice City
This could be tricky…

In Sir, Yes, Sir, Colonel Cortez asks you to steal some military hardware that is being driven through town. Top up your health and body armour and then jump in his Cheetah car to your right and head over there.

Uh oh, it’s a tank, guarded by heavily armed soldiers.

Now there are three approaches to take – gung ho, cautious or clever. The chances are that if you’re reading this then gung ho didn’t quite work out in which case let’s first look at cautious and then clever.

If you start shooting the soldiers or ramming the other vehicles then be prepared for some serious return fire as the army truck will chase you and quickly destroy any vehicle you’re in. You can even up the odds by using the rocket launcher and improve your odds further by parking your car in front of the convoy to slow it down, but it’s still a serious challenge. Even if you park a car in front of the convoy a soldier will move it and if you stand in front of it they will start shooting at you – it’s mildly amusing to stand in front of the convoy to see the soldier’s over-the-top reactions.

However, there’s an easier way.

Even though we thought it was cops that liked a doughnut, it seems soldiers are partial to one as well. Just follow the convoy on foot until it stops at the shop and then jump in the tank. Just make sure you keep it on the move to avoid getting busted.

Then you’ll need to drive to Cortez’s garage before the tank self-detonates. You have plenty of time, but if you need extra speed point the gun turret to the rear and press fire to accelerate the tank.

However, there’s an even easier way. See our video below for how to do it.

Park your vehicle directly in front of the tank, placing it between the tank and the truck in front. The tank driver will then jump out to move it, leaving the door open for you to jump into the tank. That way you don’t even need to wait for the doughnut stop above.

Bizarrely, once you’ve parked the tank in the highlighted garage and try and walk into the garage opening next to it the tank has disappeared.

However, if you do want to have a tank all to yourself, then read our guide here as you can just park the tank in a safehouse, failing the mission, but leaving you with a tank in your garage…

Before you start the next mission, if you want to go gung ho, it helps if you stock up on ammo for the rocket launcher. Read out guide here on where to find a rocket launcher.

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