Location of Hidden Packages, Shoreside Vale – GTA3

Location of hidden packages, Shoreside ValeIt’s our final guide to where to find the hidden packages and this time it’s Shoreside Vale.

If you’ve collected all the packages in Portland and Staunton and can work your way through this list, you’ll have all 100 packages and unlimited rocket launchers at your disposal – well worth a little time spent searching and just the thing to help complete the final set of challenging missions…

10 = Pistol
20 = Uzi
30 = Grenades
40 = Shotgun
50 = Body armour
60 = Molotovs
70 = AK-47
80 = Sniper rifle
90 = M-16
100 = Rocket launcher

  1. Climb up alongside the helicopter.
  2. To the south of the runway
  3. Walk to the end and round
  4. Climb up the steps and it’s on the right as you reach the helipad
  5. Jump down to the south of the helipad and it’s on the ground alongside the building
  6. Jump up onto the roof at the back of the police station
  7. Jump off the wall and it’s on top of a container below you
  8. Go round the back of the hospital
  9. Next to the plane
  10. Another one next to a plan
  11. Exactly the same as no.72. but just to the north
  12. Up the steep stairs to the right in the lower dam area
  13. You’ll need to get up onto the roof to get this one and then drop down
  14. Go round the building
  15. Head in through the narrow entrance opposite the car park
  16. Tucked down the side of the garage
  17. Head up the steps and then jump onto the roof of the building opposite
  18. Next to the fire engine
  19. Work your way around the house
  20. Next house to 88. and found in the porch
  21. Under the bridge
  22. Next to the van near your hideout
  23. Actually a little further north than our map! Up near the ad boards.
  24. All the way down the subway entered via the stairs opposite the airport
  25. Another one in the porch of the house, this time on the south side
  26. North side of the road
  27. Opposite side of the road in between the apartment building
  28. Keep going along the runway
  29. Fancy a dip in the pool? Pick up a hidden package while you’re there. Please note as per the comments that if you don’t get it while on the mission, you need a Cartel Cruiser to get in
  30. Fancy a picnic? Pick up another hidden package while you eat your sandwiches on the picnic table
  31. Underneath the best jump in the game. When you’ve picked up this hundredth package and have had your fun with the unlimited rocket launcher head back to the bridge and launch yourself across the river in style with a James Bond-style twisting jump…

Location of hidden packages in Portland Island
Location of hidden packages on Staunton Island


  1. I know this map is almost 4 years old, but you should really add a note that 98 (the one in the pool), if you don’t get it while on the mission or like me, before the mission, you need a Cartel Cruiser to get in. With the release of the GTA 3D Universe on PS4 and Xbox One (III, VC, SA), I’m sure people will be trophy hunting like me and this was pretty useful though some of your hints were odd.

    Also, 96 is between the apartment buildings. “Opposite side of the road” is a terrible clue.

    Thanks for the map!

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