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Sayonara Salvatore – GTA3

In Sayonara Salvatore, Asuka challenges you to prove your ties to the mafia are over by taking out Salvatore Leone who tried to double-cross you. Unfortunately, no sooner have you arrived in Staunton you need to go back to Portland to complete this mission. And now only are the Triads trying to take you out, … Continue reading

Bomb Da Base – GTA3

Bomb Da Base is one of the most visually spectacular set pieces in the game as you get to blow up and sink a giant cargo ship which is doubling as a Spank factory for the Columbian Cartel, but it’s easier said than done. Act I To start off the mission, you’ll need to visit … Continue reading

GTA3 – Decoy tips

Decoy is another entertaining mission where you act as an, erm, decoy while the real driver escapes with Donald Love’s mysterious package. Drive yourself over to the bridge to Staunton island. As you approach the armoured truck, you’ll notice two police trucks on the right. Head up to the armoured truck and walk up the … Continue reading

Espresso-2-go GTA3

Espresso-2-go in Grand Theft Auto 3 is a mission in which you need to be organised. Thankfully we have a number of tips and a strategy to match. There are 9 ‘spank’ stalls across the three islands and you have nine minutes in which to destroy them all. Nine minutes seems a long time, but … Continue reading