Army of Darkness Defence: alternative strategy for level 50

Army of Darkness Defence level 50
Shown in Endless mode, the alternative mix of characters we used to complete level 50 again

Army of Darkness Defence level 50
Shown in Endless mode, the alternative mix of characters we used to complete level 50 again

Update: see our new video above for another way of completing the level!

Our piece on how to complete level 50 has proved the most popular in the site’s history and with enough perseverance it should help you complete level 50.

However, there is another way using a slight change in tactics and characters, so if the first method is not working for you, then give this a try and let us know how you’ve got on in the comments.

Essentially, it involves switching Arthur for your Spearman and focusing on preserving enough iron to keep him battling away. 

If the above isn’t working for you, then don’t despair, there is another way.

  1. Follow the steps in our original post here, but swap Spearman for Arthur (making sure you’ve powered him up to max)
  2. Launch your troops in waves of two: Swordsman, Armoured Guard.
  3. When the Deadites get close to the Book, send in the Deathcoaster and collect the iron bounty its havoc wreaks
  4. Using this bounty summon Arthur, Henry and your Wiseman
  5. Keep enough iron in credit to reincarnate them when they die and make use of your Deathcoaster when it becomes available. If you’ve spare iron keep Swordsmen and in particular Armoured Guards coming through to provide valuable cannon fodder.
  6. Try and keep Ash out of harms way when his strength goes into red
  7. And most importantly, keep trying, you’ll get there in the end!
  8. And when you have, read our tips on Endless mode here

Found an alternative? Tell us below.

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  1. i cracked it pretty much straight through. This is what i used

    peasants: maxed out
    sword boy
    wiseman: maxed out
    smithy: maxed out
    the pit
    ash: maxed out
    boomstick maxed
    deathcaster maxed

    just keep firing the peasants as fast as they’ll come and dont forget to keep a swordboy to equip them. roll the deathcoaster when you can. went pretty smooth

  2. I went for a Pure Defense option and did okay. I simply churned out as many maxed-out Armored Guards as I could. For skills I used the maxed out Catapult and Level 3 Deathcoaster. I also threw in Arthur and the Wiseman for some support, but it was those Level 10 AG’s that did the heavy lifting.

    I want to replay the game without relying so heavily on the AGs. For basically the whole game I used them + BoomStick and Catapult. Towards the end I had to start using the Wiseman. Hardly ever touched Swordsman, Spearman or Knights.

  3. I went like this:

    Maxed out Swordsman
    Maxed out Wiseman
    Level 1 armored guard


    Both maxed and Ash maxed as well.

    I had Arthur and Henry on standby, but seldom used.

    I went by the pit, trying to instant death as much enemies as I can until I had the smithy maxed. From there, I called on Wiseman and swordsman. I kept spamming the latter. I used Deathcoaster and used the collected iron to call on Arthur. Kept spamming swordsman. By the end, only Evil Ash and Bitch Baby were left and I just kept on spamming swordsman, Boomstick, and Deathcoaster. Took me more or less four tries.

  4. I just flew through lvl50 no problem with no special charcters. Maxed -ash. Arrow volley. Deathcoster peasants.archers.smith

    Need to also buy chainsaw.pit and i never needed it but put 1pt into necronomicon

    Plan of attack rush eith ash get a few to fall in the pit.
    Once you have about 20iron pop out 4 peasants while falling back with ash. Get sword boy asap.

    When you get extra iron throw in archers where ever you can an a torchboy. I only used the 4units all game.

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