How do I: lock portrait view on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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Stop before you start
Locking portrait view
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Many apps have a single orientation, portrait or landscape, but many allow you to view the content in either orientation, such as the default Safari internet browser.

If you’re looking to lock the screen orientation on your device to portrait, then look no further. Here’s what you do:

  • Doubleclick the Home button and a footer menu will appear at the bottom
  • Swipe the footer menu left until you see the grey square with the circular arrow (see image)
  • Tap on it and you’ll see the text ‘Portrait Orientation Locked’
  • Repeat and tap on the same button to unlock
Job done.


  1. A fairly simple way from “Apple” to lock screen orientation (PORTRAIT VIEW ONLY).

    Tthe author of this “how to message” explains how to use the “Apple” method.

    The. clairity

  2. The machine finished my message before I did (oh, how I hate that ” feature” ).

    My comment is on the simple clear way that the author presented the method. Very nice job.

    Why not use the same method to lock “land scape”?? My best answer to this questtion is “beccausse

  3. Answer : because it won’t work. If you hold the iPod in the horizontal position, the message you get after pushing the button still refers to “PORTRAIIT”.


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