Social nicheworking

Another oh-so-handy reference list from the recently list obsessed Mashable, profiling the increasing ‘How to’ video niche.

While YouTube and its many clones try to be all things to all people, these How To sites are proving that there is a market for niche video communities. The best of these sites are more focused, easier to navigate and are proving themselves able to co-exist alongside the traffic phenomenon that is YouTube.

This trend carries over to the series of niche social networks that cater to every topic from the environment, to pets, to writing and everything in between, some more successfully than others, alongside the traffic giants of MySpace, Facebook and Bebo.

Let me be (ahem, among) the first to categorise this sector: social nicheworking. Let’s see how well that phrase catches on…


  1. social software means that soon everything will be a social network of sorts, even dear ol technocloud with help of mybloglog etc., starting with my humble comment

  2. Hadn’t heard the phrase social nicheworking before, so you can console yourself with that even if Google says different. Key as ever is the USP. If there’s enough of one to reward a focused experience, e.g. climate change, then it can co-exist. If a weaker version of the giants, then it won’t.

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