Social bookmarking with WordPress

One of the functions of this blog is as a space to experiment with technology and to share the results, whether a Google widget or indeed social bookmarking on WordPress as you’ll see below.

Thanks to the wonders of the WordPress plugin community (and in this case Apostolos Dountsis), each blog post now has a neat line of social bookmarking icons at the bottom as a gentle reminder for readers to bookmark any post they deem worthy of wider scrutiny.

In a Web 2.0 world as fascinated by social bookmarking as it is with widgets, TechnoCloud would feel underdressed out and about on the web without this little plugin.

Update: as this little plugin appears to have taken my blog down after a recent update, let’s just say I won’t be reinstalling it anytime soon!


  1. Update to this: MyTuts is no longer a service, so you should go into the php file and remove the link to this – easy to do for anyone familiar with HTML (or obviously php ;)).

    Also Blinklist and Vine result in error pages, so you can either change the link to their homepages or remove those links in the php.

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